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What Is SkeetSheet?

SkeetSheet is a system for entering, storing, and analyzing game score data for skeet shooters.

SkeetSheet Basic membership is free and supported by advertising. Basic members may filter their queries by gauge.

SkeetSheet Premium membership allows editing of rounds, creation of Location and Hardware lists and filters, as well as date filtering and order sorting. No advertising, and more skins for your handheld all for just $9.99/year.
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Part 1:
Use SkeetSheet Remote to enter your score information Into your handheld device. SSRemote can be accessed by browsing to on your handheld device.

SkeetSheet Remote has two stages: A set up screen to choose a gauge and set options, and a score entry screen for entering score results.

The Set up screen contains options for gauge: 12, 20, 28, 410. Premium members can create a list of guns and locations for appending to scores.
The Scoring screen has options for "skinning" the interface. Users have two skins, Premium members have four, as well as a notes field.
Part 2:
Once a round is completed and the last target scored, the user has the option to "Forget" the round ever happened, "Fix" any entry mistakes, or "Save" the round.

Uploading to the database is only an option for logged-in members. Unless logged-in, a user can only Save the score data for the duration of that browser window. This is useful for reviewing performance at the end of the day.

If there is no network signal, scores are held for upload at a later time. For ipod touch users, simply load the app when in range of a hotspot, go shoot, then upload when back in range.
Part 3:
SkeetSheet Viewer is the front end for the SkeetSheet Database. Uploaded rounds can be retreived any time, however the analysis tools available in the Viewer require many rounds to deliver meaningful information.

Members can filter the results by gauge, While Premium Members can also filter by date range, location, and hardware used.

Once a query is fulfilled results can be analyzed in numerous ways including target averages, station averages, totals graph, and more. Premium members also have the option to edit round data.
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