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The Remote
Point your Mobile device at this QR code or go to its web browser and enter The skeetsheet server will automatically point a Mobile device to the Remote Score Entry App. If this redirect fails you can enter

Don't forget to add our icon to your home screen for convenience.
Tips for using the Remote The important thing to remember is that SkeetSheet is about improving your scores, not distracting you from your game. SkeetSheet Remote is designed to be simple to use one handed, however familiarity is key, we recommend familiarizing yourself with operating the Remote before actually shooting.

The best thing would be for someone who's not shooting to be entering your scores for you. Otherwise keep your device near your shell pouch. Don't try to use SkeetSheet before finishing the station. Enter your scores between stations. Press the target button once to register a hit and again for a Miss, On your first miss the Option shot must be scored before continuing. If there is a connection failure at save time scores are held and attempts can be made to upload the held scores under the accounts tab. Subsequent game saves will automatically attempt to upload all prior unsaved games.

There is a bug in Mobil Safari regarding proper display after a screen orientation change. Turning on the orientation lock on your device is recommended regardless.

Tips for using the Viewer If you only use 12 gauge it's not necessary to deselect the other gauges before making a query.
Browsers SkeetSheet strives to be browser and platform neutral. SkeetSheet Viewer is best viewed in Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer. Be sure you have the latest version of your browser, SkeetSheet relies heavily on javascript and older browsers will have poor performance on larger result sets.

SkeetSheet Remote runs best on iPhone's Mobile Safari, Android's Internet Browswer, and Dolphin HD, Windows Phone is supported. Opera Mini will not work.

For best performance on Android, Be sure you are running Android 4.0 or higher, and stay away from low-cost Androids.

SkeetSheet News Improvements well under way.

Planned improvements include Saved Querys, and incorporation of International Skeet format, more great skins, as well as new analysis tools.
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